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Hard Floor Maintenance


Hard floors such as granite, marble, and other tile flooring are very aesthetic flooring materials that require diligent maintenance. UBM has a team of highly trained floor technicians that will examine and properly service all flooring materials to preserve their beauty.


Hard Floor Maintenance


Our proactive maintenance consists of constant monitoring, and rapid response. Certain type of flooring material such as granite is porous, so it absorbs liquids which results to stains. Our floor technicians are required to attend safety training.  

The purpose of the safety training is to provide up to date safety procedures to our technicians so they are able to successfully deploy safe practices on the job site. UBM has the proficiency to provide routine maintenance, establish a safe work area, and to ultimately preserve your property.

  1. Professional Tile Cleaning and Sealing

  2. Grout Cleaning

  3. Degumming

  4. Baseboard Cleaning

  5.  Safe Work Area Set Up

  6. Spot Cleaning

  7. Emergency Clean Up

UBM has a 20,000 sqft warehouse. We own and have access to a large inventory of equipment. We have the resources to respond to emergency clean up situations.  

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