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Mutually Beneficial Partnership



In today's highly competitive market, it is crucial to stand out. In our 20+ years of operation, we have established a lot of relationships by delivering on our promises. With proven processes in place, we operate one step ahead of our competition. To ensure we implement the perfect maintenance plan we emphasize on listening to and effectively communicating with our customers. Our management team has over 200+ years of combined experience in the commercial janitorial industry. We are confident we can create a mutually beneficial partnership. 



Core Principles



UBM was founded by Janitors, and all of the members on the management team has hands-on janitorial experience. Having extensive knowledge in the Janitorial industry allows us to operate efficiently and effectively. We know what works and what is needed. Through our years of honest hard work, we have crafted ATTIC. ATTIC is a set of core principles that we practice in the office and uphold on the field. 



Team Work 









To have a positive impact on the Real Estate industry by providing best in class janitorial services at a competitive price.  



Shaking Hands
Outdoor Business Meeting
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